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Please take care with the sun – it is much stronger than you think even on a cloudy day! At all times sunscreen should be used. It is recommended that a minimum sunscreen Factor 15 be applied at sea level. Spending a long time in the sun leads to dehydration and sunstroke, take special care when you are on boats as the sea reflection intensifies the sunburn factor. Please be sure to drink plenty of liquid during the day (beer doesn’t help!).

Please note the high tides at the Indian Ocean and the quick changes of water levels which can swallow or destroy your belongings left at the beach while you are swimming. Do not touch anything under water! Please do not underestimate the currents and take care of an early return to save grounds! Please do not walk over the corals, trying to reach the nice sand platforms at the reef. Ask locals for Ingalawa transport (boats of the local people).

There are 2 excellent private hospitals at the coast, the Diani Beach & Palm Beach Hospital. Please contact the office for details and make sure that you keep all receipts for your insurance claim upon your return home.

All along the Kenyan Coast you are at risk from Malaria. Please check with your doctor or travel clinic which prophylactics are best. The best form of prevention is to make sure mosquitoes do not bite you! Always use insect spray after dusk, keep yourself covered up as much as possible and sleep underneath a mosquito net.

Diani Marine partner pharmacy Baharini is located at Ushago Complex, just five min walk on the main road. See Amref / Flying Doctors for more information.

Diani Beach is a safe place. However common sense should be applied at all times. Remember you are in a third world country and «poverty does exist», as such be aware of petty thieves. DO NOT stroll on the beach or on the road at night (especially with your Rolex Watch and camera). If you have nothing to steal on you, nobody can steal

There are many Beach Boys who operate on the Diani Beach and some clients do experience harassment. The best way to deal with them – if you have the patience – is to ignore them. However, some of them can be very persistent, please ask them politely to leave you alone and if you have any major problems, please report to the Office Manager who will report them to the police.

Beach hawking and harassment of tourists is illegal in Kenya and Diani Marine does not condone their activities on the beach. Please do not book any tours or excursions with beach boys, as we do not wish to support them. Diani Marine will not accept any responsibility for deals gone wrong with beach boys / local dealers. If you feel molested around our beach area, just ask our askari at the beach entrance gate for support.

The Divers Village is very casual and does not expect clients to dress up. Shorts, «kikois» and T-shirts are perfectly acceptable. Outside the Village, please respect the local custom, which is mainly muslim. Therefore please keep yourself covered and do not wear swimming costumes or scanty attire in and around town. Some of the smarter restaurants have a «long trousers» policy in the evening.

Various kinds of transport are available. Should you wish to hire a car, motorbike or bicycle, please ask at reception, they will organize this for you. Most people travel by taxi or matatu (public transport). You can book a taxi at the reception. A matatu you stop by the road in front of Diani Marine. For actual fares ask one of our local employees.

Travel Information
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